Review: TranyaGO an interesting and very affordable smartwatch

For several days we tested the smart watch TranyaGO a device that although we cannot compare it with the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, it is a product that we liked a lot due to its price, characteristics and battery life.

As I said before, it cannot be compared with other premium products on the market, since it does not have certain important features such as the possibility of making calls or answering text messages, but within everything that it offers and for its price, this product of Tranya is to take into account, especially for those who need to be updated with their messages, certain mobile applications and at the same time track their physical activities.

In the box

  • Smartwatch TranyaGo
  • charging cable
  • Usage guide

Technical Specifications

  • 1.69 inch HD touch screen
  • Weight: 54.5 grams
  • Length: 25.5 centimeters (with the strap included)
  • IP68 certification: resistant to dust, dirt, sand and submersible up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes
  • Materiales: Thermoplastic polyurethane¬†(TPU) y polycarbonate-ABS (PC-ABS)
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer
  • Battery capacity: 200mAh
  • Battery Voltage: DC 5.0V
  • Battery Power: 0.76Wh


The design, saving the distances, is similar to the Apple Watch, although instead of the knob and button that the Apple device has, the TranyaGO has a single elongated button located just in the middle of the right side.

Its body is made of plastic and shows a very good build quality. It is very light and its 54.5 grams, including the strap, prove it.

Although its strap is very light, it is durable, although this is something that we can only know for sure with much more time of use, not just a week. The strap is soft to the touch and although it does not show the elegance of the device, it does not clash.


Its 1.69-inch LCD touch screen shows very good quality, although here we must also be realistic, for the price of this device, we cannot expect to see a screen from a Galaxy Watch or an Apple Watch.

Speaking of visibility, it offers brilliant colors and while in daylight its visibility is not bad, in direct sunlight it leaves a lot to be desired.

Black levels are fine for an LCD panel and the price of this device.

As for the response when we touch or sweep it, it is fast. The screen is activated through the side button and if we activate the option, it is also activated when we raise our hand. Unfortunately, what it does not allow is activation when we touch the screen, as is the case with other devices of this type.


While the TranyaGO Smartwatch offers several cool features, its 200mAh battery is one of the best features this device features.

Charging is carried out through a cable with the company’s own terminal, which adheres very easily and magnetically to the contacts on the back of the device. It only takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Starting the test on a Tuesday with a full battery charge, after 8 full days of testing the battery still had 14% of its charge.


The user interface is simple and intuitive, although you cannot change another aspect than the digital face of the device, it is not customizable like other devices of this type.

Sweeping the screen upwards we have the text messages of the smartphone to which it is connected. Sweeping the screen down, we have 4 options: Do Not Disturb, Screen Brightness, Find My Phone, and Device Settings (Change Face, Brightness, About, Turn off Clock, Reset, and QR code of the watch to identify it).

Swiping the screen to the left shows us 4 screens: Status (Steps, Miles and Calories), Heart Rate and Blood Pressure, Sleep (sleep time statistics, light sleep and deep sleep) and the Weather Forecast.

Finally sweeping the screen to the right shows us: Sports (9 possible sports to follow), Status, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure, Sleep, Music, Messages, More (Stopwatch, Countdown, Flashlight and Find my Phone).

The pairing of the TranyaGO with the Android or iOS mobile device is very easy to carry out and is done through the GloryFit application that can be downloaded from the Apple application store or Google Play.

By default the device includes 5 interchangeable faces. In addition, new faces can be installed from the application.

GloryFit Mobile App

While the TranyaGO smartwatch companion app doesn’t offer some of the features that others of its kind do, it largely gets the job done.

The GloryFit main page, in addition to the weather, offers a graph with the number of steps taken since 12:00 am, number of steps to be taken during the day, distance traveled and calories.

Also on that first page you can see sleep values, heart rate and blood pressure.

In the Sports tab, you can get statistics for any of the following 10 sports:

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Bicycle
  • swimming
  • Tennis
  • Ping Pong
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Danza

In the Device tab one can configure various features of the TranyaGO, in addition to updating its firmware and even rebooting the device. Among the features that can be configured we have a reminder that occurs after a certain time of inactivity, which includes several options. Alarms and other things can also be configured.

Finally, the application shows the Profile tab, in which you can set the goal of daily steps, get weekly statistics, connect with other services such as WeChat and link the application to Apple Health.

Final conclusion

I repeat what I said at the beginning, although this is not an Apple Watch or a Wear mobile device and despite not offering all the features that these devices offer, it largely fulfills its purpose and is worth much more than its current price.

As for the cost of this device, now you can get it on amazon for just $29.99 in black or $39.99 in pink.